How to Curb Pediatric Dental Anxiety

For many people, even if they’re going for a teeth whitening kit, they often share anxiety. Dental anxiety is perfectly normal, and often, people don’t realize just how normal it is until they go in and see their dentist about it. but what about for kids? How do you get them to understand how to prevent dental anxiety in themselves? Well, that’s where this article comes in.  this article will help you with curbing dental anxiety so that your children will feel better about going, and also allow them to feel more comfortable at the dental office.

The first, is look for books that cater to talking about the dentist.  You might not tackle subjects such as getting a teeth whitening kit, but there are basic various books out there that have great illustrations, good language, and a great dental experience exemplified in the character. Allowing your child to understand what they’re going to get from the dentist.  The Bernstein Bears books on this definitely help you with the way a child will view the dentist.

Then, you should start them when they’re young.  You should bring your kids in as minimally as when their first tooth appears, and no later than their first birthday. This might seem weird to do if they have no teeth, but a dental checkup is imperative for oral health, but it also gets a kid familiar with the dental office early on. Starting early on can help them feel comfortable, and it’ll also increase the trust they have.

You can also play dentist at home.  Before going to the appointment, you can practice being a dental patient.  Let the child look at your teeth and clean your teeth with a toothbrush or the like.  You can then have them pretend to be the patient and you the dentist, showing them how to count and clean their teeth. You can even use dolls or animals for this.  You just need a chair, mirror and toothbrush, and from there you can play dentist at home. 

Finally, you should communicate, but don’t let it go over their heads. If you notice that there is an increase of anxiety and stress, you should firs of all give them a lot of time to prepare themselves.  You can tell your child about this in advance, and then remind them as it gets closer to the date.  You should make sure that if they do have questions, you have them answered in an honest way.  You shouldn’t do it in a vague manner, because while they might end up being fine, if the child does need treatment, it will cause a lot less trust between the dentist, yourself, and the child.  You should try to tell them about how they’re going to check the teeth, clean them, count them, and also use words that are more positive than negative.  You don’t have to give them really complex jargon, but just tell them what’s going on.

Finally, you should go to a family dentist.  While it might be good to see the one that you have, a family dentist is one that will help because they will deal with children a lot better and allow you to have a good dental experience.  Family dental clinics know that the details that are there do matter, and they know how to relax a child.  There are little toys and calm sounds to help a child feel less worried. If a child needs it, there might be nitrous oxide available for them.  remembered the smaller details do matter in the long, run, especially with the dentist.

Many people do fear the dentist. It’s kind of a rational fear in a sense. but, as a parent, you want to help them get over that fear, and often, it can take a bit of time. but, if you sit around and just keep these in mind, telling them what they’re going to get, it will make their dental experience that much easier. Make this easy on the child, and let them know exactly what they’re getting into, for the sooner you teach them this, the better it’ll be for them too.